Scruple Confession

I like you, sorry, forgive me

I love you, had to say that to thee

The three words so uncertain to be

For what I have for you could be a plea

The first day we met, I undyingly fell in love

That’s the prosperous lie we could get, you were nothing to have

It was all in a gamble bet, for had them two ravishing bottoms curve

To treat you as my pet, feeling high though low above

First, our eyes would meet, and I would sprout

Second, I really shmucked at your laugh, made me pout

Tertian, nature of the walk really had to count out

Now, would I want only you on my site now and about

It is no excuse that I was and am throwing it away

This deep sunken peeling feeling that I poses this unexpected day

So murky mooshy and calm as morning bay

You being the absolute contrary that I had in my own display

Dont expect anything at all, reprimand me not being earlier bold

You are keen as an owl, fear pounds me wont hold

All I want is your happy explicit, though am dumb now to admit

All trying to clarify is that you are my perfect misfit addict


 The Evening

In the may of described abscence of a cool breeze, the leaves clapped and shattered. A deep chill keeps calling as its dabbing effect light their way. The azure was no more, only the abrupt gaze of the golden pact shoved as shadows of ‘m’ slowly faded up the sky.Loot on the road.Lighting their eyes to indicate a customed availability to other four legged series of machines. The two wheel carriage dashing at a high speed launching noise from their small engineManifold a people ganged up as the Saharan ants matching towards a road of the unprecice destination. Confused. Yes. Aim of their nature was of what they faced as their mirror. Apparently no one knew the other in the matters of ‘myself’ since the forthcoming latitude was an implication of ones business. It was all from work to home.The few who closed late made to leave their items in check. Building’s doors posted ‘closed’ and padlocked. As they went, another group if nocturnals arrives. Colored in their daily routine of coopral effort in times if slumber.The time was only then to see them. Motives to be alive and kicking during the night.It is a calm way of nature to close the book of now and hold on to open of what is kept in store for the other day.