The faint smell of rum rushed out her red lips

She wailed a happy song that muttered in her wits

Still at the door unable to open with her keys

Tumbling down all the way to her crying knees


Robby gave my hard time as a bride

He left me for a loath of a huge bribe

I sank my hopes and dreams in all favor to abide

A capsizing ship at the shore with clueless vibe

My name is Mary and I am a black widow

He died and left me gazing out the standing window

The luggage packed in haste of a billow

Pottered crying my fault in a willow


I tried again and again but he would not look

The passionate seduction not even in my bare suit

Time was a factor that ran his entire book

His wedded denied satisfaction an alarming hoot


One evening as a delivery was made

I found the postman charming not to evade

A giggle or two that I had to persuade

A ravishing ecstasy marked my parade

He walked in the house from work I unaware

The mourning yearning sounds for me to bear

Opened the door and saw a stranger on top there

Saw him walk out the door and followed him for I was a care


She could not look into his eyes again

His mystery to her was a bargain

Denial meant for this to happen

She wallows every night for she is left sunken


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