The gray clouds converge covering the cower sky
Drops from the heaven haven the given fall as pie
Shouts from the shook shocks that spook avail loud cry
Followed by shatter that splitter fast up so high
He was all alone, sucked in prime
Everyone begone, he was awaiting his time
Trugded, a footloose walking by
Induced, with faith for he was last to say bye
Everything he did he couldn’t believe
Nothing in need for he was still alive
Everywhere went he didnt want to strive
Nowhere event emptied his hope to dive
Squished in rags, pondered his soul
Bruises and marks, yonder fatal
Anguish of tasks, wonder be foul
Face that masks a Honda in toe
Caught in eye landed vanquished
Speech from his sound always parried
All that he touched had to be deceased
On foot as he lands means distorted
In a far land away from his own
The matter of fact he knows not from
He was and still is alone
In a journey that he cannot have a home
Everyone afraid to die alone in this hold
Consumption of demise ever bold
Furry ashamed he knows not gold
Being cursed for what he had was cold


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