Scruple Confession

I like you, sorry, forgive me

I love you, had to say that to thee

The three words so uncertain to be

For what I have for you could be a plea

The first day we met, I undyingly fell in love

That’s the prosperous lie we could get, you were nothing to have

It was all in a gamble bet, for had them two ravishing bottoms curve

To treat you as my pet, feeling high though low above

First, our eyes would meet, and I would sprout

Second, I really shmucked at your laugh, made me pout

Tertian, nature of the walk really had to count out

Now, would I want only you on my site now and about

It is no excuse that I was and am throwing it away

This deep sunken peeling feeling that I poses this unexpected day

So murky mooshy and calm as morning bay

You being the absolute contrary that I had in my own display

Dont expect anything at all, reprimand me not being earlier bold

You are keen as an owl, fear pounds me wont hold

All I want is your happy explicit, though am dumb now to admit

All trying to clarify is that you are my perfect misfit addict


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