From Dusk Till Dawn

A cosy dusk, they are seeking their task

Dew and well husk, bound by refraining ask

Much gas no mask, Her queen awaken from the cask

Her time due to bask, in the dark episode of a sack

She couldn’t wait, her heart ached

His soul was bait, the weakness waked

Difference in hours await, desires intriguing baked

Time was now late, but her ego never parade

Having him she vowed empty feed

From the mortal living who would bleed

Adoration consumed in each petty large deed

Through grief and excite crossed her heed

No shame covered His face

A wicked Beast she had become made his vase

Undead she marked his heart’s base

Drawn to the affection adjoined by a lace

Perfect, imperfect, blessed and cursed

Ignited, torched, lit and flamed

Will, might, strength and brave

Porched, cupped, engulfed and caved

Kisses on her lips, affectionate gay

Hands held on her hips, dabbed away

Slowly into deeps, to warm the day

Feeling of his hips, ecstasy in pray

She struggled school hard to show

Strived and determined heart on a bow

To keep him was unwelcoming show

Unwilling denying to ever let him go

His heart beat one to two

Bleed coiled in veins rushing through

Bit his lips then red became blue

A pride of her heart in inches hue

Its already dawn, their hour is end

Ride of the foam, was great time on bed

Ravishing as lawn, eternity be fed

They their own home, they had wed


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