Light dimmed

Darkness unravels

The split of a flash

Silence in bow


Tasteless bitter waters

Endless craving thirst

A sip for the soul

The mind of the suns


Loveless clover

Guilt in sensation

In fading thoughts

On swaying minds


Numb and motionless

Stray in consciousness

Maneuver trouble

Covered distances


Cut my arms that I may steal

Turn my legs to be untrimmed

Scotch thy eyes, I cannot see

Cover the ears to be calm


Swallow words wholly

Tainted tongue, whispers to give

Holy grail we reveal

Smartened in saddened judgment


Blindfold eyes

Foreseeing no desire

Lashed in unfading ego

Seeing no evil


Dreams were invalid

Ambitions became hallucinations

Momentarily laid prerequisite

Drowning in shambles


Serve the meal to them

On the floor ignoring the table

Amenity for the meek

A plot to the coward


Falling in whirls

An abyss uncomprehend

Endangered to a tomb

Cascading in wallow smitten



All for Everything

Pill and piles of nothingness
Stag of struggles yet baseless
Tail in tales fairness
Whale from wale ohh loudnessness

Desires sprinting forth this lost sane episode
Thoughts cloud my bloomed conscious
Wants demanding security inside
Attachments unveiling bagged virus

Throw everything away
Sit with judgement at bay
Dry your tears from this harsh ray
Sunken in spite feeding on hay

It is all useless
When the scorched earth brims me to the soil of emptiness
Nothing to everything that I need
Something to no thing especially in deed

Selfness route to devotions that want an appealing road
Disguise and braise yourself
For death will come creeping stealing it all under no shelf

Yours Heaven, Thine Hell

Haven is thy name of solitude

A lightened divine entity appraised

Admired by a manifold in magnitude

Place of hope shred and desired


Wonder in the dark castle of Hades

Blighted in taint

Coaled black, gray in the cloud and the red natural waters

Refreshed that this is me abate


Its groomed to be above

Where the sky and moon maneuver and burst

Pure cotton where robes they have

Applauding and dancing in an ecstatic mask


Deemed below

Six feet over and beyond

Rugged-decaying stuffy rotting a hollow

Rant in agony where the pain is on hold


Delight in parade

Where lords marvel for the world

A devotion that gathers hope persuade

Peacefully reach thy hand



Reigned in tyranny and hardship

Loathing in vanquish

Aggression to the whip


Open and wide

Floating their heels in the air

Brightness possess light revealingly pride

Blunt and everything offered is fair


A bottomless pit

Whirl in shades as one falls endlessly

Pith-pitched black hat

Faint blur shackles full of misery






My Dying End

Standing at the top of the pillar

Gazing at the cold-feet slanting eyes of man

Yearn to see what is beyond the frozen door

Cautious on the alarm made by turn


So droopy

I cannot keep up with the insane intensity of the earth

And my knees

Merely weak to carry me in this stood feeling of low betrayal


Above lies the gray steaming piled clouds

My ear circuit was all in yearning echo but still far in my might

An uproar from the crowd with unheard moving lips

Am to die in this rift of the rage of mankind


The coin had been hoisted

Tails lost the match so it was off with my head

Hand-ace so brutally sharp passed from generations

Waiting to take away what I gifted as life


Body covered in sores

Unsealing beat wounds painless due to unending pulps

Clothes are torn all in tatters

Bruises qualified for a gibberish mockery


A sudden wail from heaven

“Off with his head”, cursed beyond understanding

My sin was picking a neighbor’s clothing

Who was dying from a malaise?


The time is up

My sun will shine due to the horizon at dusk

Let thy soul be flooded with forgiveness

Forgiveness that they shall forget my ending and be haunted by their own





Seeking the path to a place that is known sew

All pitch-black untold to my iris

The cost it takes to reach out her hand in this doom

A splinter of nothingness waiting


That blurry image on my front

Scaled as a man with feathery edges

Brightly glows in the slate

My imaginary miracle contemplated


The echo seems to get calmer

Ears swiftly getting numb in the flash

A sudden pound from my chest

Shiver manipulates to consign the becoming loss


The flow of air around, halts

Rushing thoughts in the brain fade

Dilation of the small pupil activates

A shimmer making my bones tremble


Something in my eyes perhaps a piecing object

Induced brimmed tears to gradually flow

The mouth opened in awe

Melting gape sunk my eye sockets


A corrupted feel of the soul

Image from a mirror broken

Feigning solitude bragging my knees

I found nothing less unexpected



Voices of Failure

Splint the voices in my mind so calm in this road

The path hazy and long lost to admit the rampant emptiness

The loud wail from her voice awakened my billow lying cord

Stripping me slower and cower to the peace of the unwanted savages


Obstruction to those with contrary mischievous deeds in

The feigned manifold innocent escaping the rush cold ark

All warm on them to embrace they are precisely in order to the order

For the order, utilizing guilt stimulation


Clarity is a name with no bone when things are blurry

Words to the unspeaking being swayed like goats

Memory elapses from the past denial for satisfaction

Why is man this fragile?





Tamed and cant be hid

Matrimonial testaments all crumpled out to the ahead

Rushing though whats every inch of my scalp

I am having this somber epics in a deep sleep

Scream it out

Loud enough to fall the gates of the shining abyss

The lungs are about to burst about

An ill spite that exclaims every single action that cries

Do this

Intuition faced with an enveloped soliloquy

Avoid that

A compromised neglect that piles my denial in queque

Untriggered blank gun pointed

Beats and boils flipping

Avoidable unavoidable wasted

Run and stills peeking

A delusion that am a god to save my crypt edged soul

Reflect on the mirror extinguish the existed self

Haluucinations confronted to a healing goal

A weapon that cries for help


Days and night she is growing old

The loving Mary I fell in love with in this cold

Her physique and tempo could not mold

The urge that I besought in others so bold


Yesterday he saw her again walking

His eyes escorted her as her rocked him popping

This feeling that made his searching soul haunting

Was a grief that she made him taunting

Face that enveloped from the heavens

Her waist as the neck of a wine bottle so ancient

Her curves made him feel this presence

A spotted beauty so made his pace not patient


Night unforetold he beds with her

She too was in dire need of him in blur

Tons of expression arranged in a bar

He could not believe he had made it later this far


Time unraveled that it became a habit

Miss Taker pulled his emotions to a lesser summit

Her gamble was royal compared to his latter permit

Mary was a late bygone vomit

Every night he came home late

Distressing it was in the books tamed

The bride couldn’t please her mate

She was nothing compared to her new he blamed


Her slow sweet sensational words kept him unease

The present details made a total piss

I adore you and after this kiss

I pray that you may now leave me in peace



The faint smell of rum rushed out her red lips

She wailed a happy song that muttered in her wits

Still at the door unable to open with her keys

Tumbling down all the way to her crying knees


Robby gave my hard time as a bride

He left me for a loath of a huge bribe

I sank my hopes and dreams in all favor to abide

A capsizing ship at the shore with clueless vibe

My name is Mary and I am a black widow

He died and left me gazing out the standing window

The luggage packed in haste of a billow

Pottered crying my fault in a willow


I tried again and again but he would not look

The passionate seduction not even in my bare suit

Time was a factor that ran his entire book

His wedded denied satisfaction an alarming hoot


One evening as a delivery was made

I found the postman charming not to evade

A giggle or two that I had to persuade

A ravishing ecstasy marked my parade

He walked in the house from work I unaware

The mourning yearning sounds for me to bear

Opened the door and saw a stranger on top there

Saw him walk out the door and followed him for I was a care


She could not look into his eyes again

His mystery to her was a bargain

Denial meant for this to happen

She wallows every night for she is left sunken