Voices of Failure

Splint the voices in my mind so calm in this road

The path hazy and long lost to admit the rampant emptiness

The loud wail from her voice awakened my billow lying cord

Stripping me slower and cower to the peace of the unwanted savages


Obstruction to those with contrary mischievous deeds in

The feigned manifold innocent escaping the rush cold ark

All warm on them to embrace they are precisely in order to the order

For the order, utilizing guilt stimulation


Clarity is a name with no bone when things are blurry

Words to the unspeaking being swayed like goats

Memory elapses from the past denial for satisfaction

Why is man this fragile?






Tamed and cant be hid

Matrimonial testaments all crumpled out to the ahead

Rushing though whats every inch of my scalp

I am having this somber epics in a deep sleep

Scream it out

Loud enough to fall the gates of the shining abyss

The lungs are about to burst about

An ill spite that exclaims every single action that cries

Do this

Intuition faced with an enveloped soliloquy

Avoid that

A compromised neglect that piles my denial in queque

Untriggered blank gun pointed

Beats and boils flipping

Avoidable unavoidable wasted

Run and stills peeking

A delusion that am a god to save my crypt edged soul

Reflect on the mirror extinguish the existed self

Haluucinations confronted to a healing goal

A weapon that cries for help


Days and night she is growing old

The loving Mary I fell in love with in this cold

Her physique and tempo could not mold

The urge that I besought in others so bold


Yesterday he saw her again walking

His eyes escorted her as her rocked him popping

This feeling that made his searching soul haunting

Was a grief that she made him taunting

Face that enveloped from the heavens

Her waist as the neck of a wine bottle so ancient

Her curves made him feel this presence

A spotted beauty so made his pace not patient


Night unforetold he beds with her

She too was in dire need of him in blur

Tons of expression arranged in a bar

He could not believe he had made it later this far


Time unraveled that it became a habit

Miss Taker pulled his emotions to a lesser summit

Her gamble was royal compared to his latter permit

Mary was a late bygone vomit

Every night he came home late

Distressing it was in the books tamed

The bride couldn’t please her mate

She was nothing compared to her new he blamed


Her slow sweet sensational words kept him unease

The present details made a total piss

I adore you and after this kiss

I pray that you may now leave me in peace



The faint smell of rum rushed out her red lips

She wailed a happy song that muttered in her wits

Still at the door unable to open with her keys

Tumbling down all the way to her crying knees


Robby gave my hard time as a bride

He left me for a loath of a huge bribe

I sank my hopes and dreams in all favor to abide

A capsizing ship at the shore with clueless vibe

My name is Mary and I am a black widow

He died and left me gazing out the standing window

The luggage packed in haste of a billow

Pottered crying my fault in a willow


I tried again and again but he would not look

The passionate seduction not even in my bare suit

Time was a factor that ran his entire book

His wedded denied satisfaction an alarming hoot


One evening as a delivery was made

I found the postman charming not to evade

A giggle or two that I had to persuade

A ravishing ecstasy marked my parade

He walked in the house from work I unaware

The mourning yearning sounds for me to bear

Opened the door and saw a stranger on top there

Saw him walk out the door and followed him for I was a care


She could not look into his eyes again

His mystery to her was a bargain

Denial meant for this to happen

She wallows every night for she is left sunken



“I don’t care”, her intonation rose

Deep dread drained darkness all alone

No edge in spite she made everyone close

Disappear for her perfection throttled damned be-gone



Irreplaceable clinch to fill the hollow void

Her demons that she couldn’t willingly avoid

Nowhere to go, a wonderer without uphold

Dead and done, everything unfair and cold



No peace beyond her rage

Unfreezing her emotion from locked cage

She criticizes behind the bars’ uprooting her luggage

Words of sorrow yet in trembling courage


The gray clouds converge covering the cower sky
Drops from the heaven haven the given fall as pie
Shouts from the shook shocks that spook avail loud cry
Followed by shatter that splitter fast up so high
He was all alone, sucked in prime
Everyone begone, he was awaiting his time
Trugded, a footloose walking by
Induced, with faith for he was last to say bye
Everything he did he couldn’t believe
Nothing in need for he was still alive
Everywhere went he didnt want to strive
Nowhere event emptied his hope to dive
Squished in rags, pondered his soul
Bruises and marks, yonder fatal
Anguish of tasks, wonder be foul
Face that masks a Honda in toe
Caught in eye landed vanquished
Speech from his sound always parried
All that he touched had to be deceased
On foot as he lands means distorted
In a far land away from his own
The matter of fact he knows not from
He was and still is alone
In a journey that he cannot have a home
Everyone afraid to die alone in this hold
Consumption of demise ever bold
Furry ashamed he knows not gold
Being cursed for what he had was cold


In this dark parade of silence

Scope my mind in echo empty guidance

Differentiating all between prudence and unremarkable foolish independence

Alone in the mockery of within violence


Well with no harm in their business tool of a day

Father moils and toils to provide daily bread

His better gives the comfort in family to portray

Both deeper in their duties leaving considerate parade


Lost years it was all my fault

Benny, Brendy and Ivy sorry to put you in a vault

You tried to convince an arrogant rot

I pushed away minds of nurtured insisting thought


Being caged inside in this long agitating queue

Equinox of dark and light with impelling actions

Drawn cursing regrets rebuke on soliloquy

Forgive, withdraw my sins don’t leave me in this confusion